Violet.915 is a hardcore gamer, self-taught digital artist, and student of Game Art in University. His video unveils the creation of a fighter jet: the F22 Raptor.
It has been made with Adobe Photoshop CC and Wacom Intuos Mini tablet.

Screenshots of the video

This is the sketch of the F22 Raptor Jet Fighter

A closer look to the F22 Raptor

It is made with Photoshop CC

And a Wacom Intuos Tablet

Done with some Flares to end up the design

The speed painting session of the F-22 Raptor:

Violet.915 does graphics commissions for websites, logo’s, advertising or anything of the business sort. You can end me an email for queries and prices.
You can also watch Violet’s gaming and art streams at

Here is its Art & Gaming Stream
You can check his portfolio at DeviantArt ad of course his page on Facebook



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