Yoda revisitedRichard Kingston aka Young Rascal makes amazing illustrations, such as this Yoda revisited, mixing science fiction and past eras. Let’s discover his original art and how he creates it.

Are you using Photoshop, if yes which version? If not,if you use any other illustration tool please let me know.
I create and finish all my work mainly with Adobe’s CC. Mainly Photoshop. I can’t live without Photoshop. Such a versatile tool. If you can think it out on paper, you can finish it in Photoshop. The only limitation is your imagination.
How long have you been a professional artist?
I suppose I’ve been a professional artist for 10 years? I could say longer as I have always dabbled with art for as long as I can remember.What kind of artworks do you fancy to draw?
What do I fancy drawing, personally? Hmmm, fantasy, science fiction and anything that can convey a good joke through good design.Can you please explain a little about yourself, and where do you come from?
I’m a full-time graphic designer, illustrator and animator based in the heart of Somerset, aged 46. Having left art college I started my career in the print industry. A career that naturally progressed into the digital world – the internet. I later established my own graphic design business which later turned into Young Rascal


Do you think it’s possible to describe the process of your art style, what are the does and don’t, the important aspects you set yourself to achieve your style of design?

The design process nearly always begins with pencil on paper, or pencil (2b wipes away nicely :) ) on my actual desk. An idea. If it’s a good one, the idea gets quickly checked on the internet to make sure it has never been done before. If it’s in the all clear, then full steam ahead. More frantic sketching, a desktop filled with scanned images ready to form a resemblance of an original design in Photoshop – think Dr Frankenstein’s lab. I find it helps coming from a traditional background in art – it’s great for composition and gives my work a little pinch of reality for when I’m using the a very modern, un-messy, graphic tablet. I love creating digital art, the blending of colours, the merging of layers to create the final piece. Although, things can get blurred on occasion. Trying to find the delete button instead of a rubber and not dipping my stylus into my (always cold) cup of tea :)

I love the fact that I can be creative and come up with new interpretations that will make people smile. It’s a real buzz. But the good thing is, inspiration is out there everywhere – a chat with a friend, a quick walk down the high street, a topical story on the news. It never stops and for this, I am grateful. Location is key too. If the dreaded “block” does attempt to poke its head out of the ground, a quick walk around Somerset’s Levels soon sorts it out, and before I know it I’m back at my desk scribbling away with a pencil and graphic tablet.

What products do you deliver? (Book covers,VFX …)
Because of my artistic background I can deliver a whole range of work. Promotional animated movies, book/album covers – one-off digital commissions, web and graphic design, illustration and even the odd piece of sculpture.


Do you have any favourite artists, who may influence your art?

don’t really have a favourite artist, as such, and I think my style of work shows this. The old masters such as Da Vinci and Rembrandt were geniuses, and their work will never be surpassed. I know that we are now in the infancy of a digital age, but, it’ll take a few good centuries for art to produce another classic era as that.

Standing back and looking at my Mac’s screen as I type, I suppose my work has been influenced by other means – a life-long love of sci-fi, history, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Douglas Adams and even the occasional Terry Pratchett novel?



Name Richard Kingston
Age 24
Location UK
Profession Full Time Graphic Designer,  illustrator and animator
Tools Photoshop CC.
Work Promotional animated movies, book/album covers, graphic design, sculpture …
Favorite Artists Da Vinci and Rembrandt
Website www.youngrascal.co.uk


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