The Art of  Helga-Helleborus reminds me one of my favorite artist, the famous Luis Royo, despite to my knowledge he is not using digital art 😉
Let’s discover more about her art!

Are you using Photoshop, if yes which version? If not,if you use any other illustration tool please let me know.
I work with Adobe Photoshop CS3

Are you a professional artist?
I have an Art Degree

Do you have your own website?

Where are you based/nationality ?

What kind of artworks do you fancy to draw?
Working with natural materials, I often go to the dark side of art. Digitally I prefer Fantasy more.


At home
At home
City of dreams
City of dreams

Can you please explain a little about yourself, and where do you come from?
My name is Olga Famina. On the web I go under the name of Helga Helleborus. I live in Russia. I have moved from civilization to a village, which is slowly falling apart, where I am doing my artwork.

Do you think it’s possible to describe the process of your art style, what are the does and don’t, the important aspects you set yourself to achieve your style of design?
First of all, I am doing art for my own pleasure. For me art is something with which you can express yourself. I did not search for some kind of path, I simply did what I like to do.

For your Designs, do you start manually the sketches or do you start straight with the software?
Why this choice?
It is difficult to give a clear answer. Often I do a sketch on paper. I can even make a whole artwork out of real materials and afterwards I can turn my ideas into digital art. Sometimes I make rough sketches, which only I can understand immediately, in the program.

What is your current profession?
I am a Project Engineer.

What products do you deliver? (Book cover, Magic the Gathering illustrations …)
I am working on portraits of friends and customers, I illustrate literature, I write lessons about my artwork from Adobe Photoshop. My art is also bought for book covers and musical CDs.

Mrs Morena
Mrs Morena

What is your dream for the next five years?
My wishes are probably bound to earth but they have art in them. Now I am in the progress of renovating an old house, in which I am looking forward to live in, and in the next 5 years I will only dream about the satisfaction of completing this project.

What are your expectations from the design world?
The world of design is unpredictable. It knows how to surprise you. To wait for something concrete is hard.

Do you have any favourite artists, who may influence your art?
I have got favorite artists, but nowadays I look at their work from a distance. Our worlds are way too different. It is better for them not to collide.

Any books/movies/video games that you fancy and get you inspired?
I have favorite movies, books and games, but my inspiration comes from within me. I do not have to search for it because life itself is my inspiration. There is a lot of unfulfilled ideas, that is why I need more time out of my schedule, or at least a part of it.


The circle of seven towers
The circle of seven towers
The philosophy of life
The philosophy of life





Name Olga Famina aka Helga Helleborus
Age 32
Location Russia
Profession Project Engineer
Tools Photoshop CS3.
Work Portraits
Website http://helga-helleborus.deviantart.com/


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