Uli Staiger is a specialist of digital compositing. He mixes also photography, 3D renderings and drawing techniques to create his image fantasies.
He started with Photoshop 3.05 21 years ago. Now he works with CC 2014. And he uses Cinema 4D R16 as his main 3D software.

[YourCavern Blog]
Can you please explain a little about yourself, and where do you come from?

[Uli Staiger]
I started as a photographer 25 years ago. After assisting in Germany and the USA I settled in Berlin, where I have a studio for photography and digital composing.

[YourCavern Blog]
Do you think it’s possible to describe the process of your art style, what are the does and don’t, the important aspects you set yourself to achieve your style of design?

[Uli Staiger]
I think the most important part is: Just do it. Do a lot of photography and learn the basics of Photoshop. Use the power of your fascination for creating images. Don´t use it for learning software perfectly. You will always find a technique when you need it, but you will forget any technique you just learn but never use. And, stay curious!

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For your Designs, do you start manually the sketches or do you start straight with the software?

[Uli Staiger]
I alway start with a pencil sketch on paper.

[YourCavern Blog]
Why this choice?

[Uli Staiger]
When starting, I do not want to deal with anything more complex than a simple pencil. A computer is a lot more complex, and somehow this takes away energy. Also: When you draw a line, it´s there. I do not use an eraser. That sort of commitment is good for developing ideas.

Atlantis - Uli Staiger
Atlantis – Uli Staiger
Intrepid - Uli Staiger
Intrepid – Uli Staiger – More @ http://www.dielichtgestalten.de/
Luftschiffer - Uli Staiger
Luftschiffer – Uli Staiger

[YourCavern Blog]
What is your current profession?

[Uli Staiger]
Photogapher, 3D artist, trainer, book author.

[YourCavern Blog]
What products do you deliver? (Book cover, Magic the Gathering illustrations …)

[Uli Staiger]
Illustrations on photography and 3D base. They can be used a book or CD covers, movie posters, magazine titles, etc.. I also make video trainings in English and German.

[YourCavern Blog]
What is your dream for the next five years?

[Uli Staiger]
Stay healthy :)

Runner - Uli Staiger
Runner – Uli Staiger
Snow patrol - Uli Staiger
Snow patrol – Uli Staiger
Strong Wind - Uli Staiger
Strong Wind – Uli Staiger

[YourCavern Blog]
What are your expectations from the design world?

[Uli Staiger]
I’ve never thought about that really. But I think the creating techniques such as painting, drawing, cgi and photography will blend even more and will lead to even more powerful images. On the other hand, simple images will become more and more important, because our world is rather complex. You can see that development in advertising since many years.

[YourCavern Blog]
Do you have any favourite artists, who may influence your art?

[Uli Staiger]
Many. German photographer Thomas Herbrich is one of them, Carl Warner who is a genius food photographer, Doug Chiang, who is one of the best illustration artists I know. And many more…

[YourCavern Blog]
Any books/movies/video games that you fancy and get you inspired?

[Uli Staiger]
No that´s a strange point. I do get inspired by reality, be the thought´s of other artists or a good conversation. Games, movies and books are not on my list of inspiration sources. And I still do not know if this is good or bad :)

Terminal A1 - Uli Staiger
Terminal A1 – Uli Staiger
Time_Warp - Uli Staiger
Time_Warp – Uli Staiger
Type VII fiction - Uli Staiger
Type VII fiction – Uli Staiger




Name Uli Staiger
Age 48
Location Germany
Profession Professional illustrator 2D and 3D, digital compositor and photographer
Tools Photoshop CC and Cinema 4D R16.
Work Illustration on photography and 3D base.
Favorite Artists Thomas Herbrichand Carl Warner (photography), Doug Chiang (illustrations)
Website http://www.dielichtgestalten.de//


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