For a change we will not look to illustrations but watch videos of speed sculpts. Here is the 3D Art of Victor Lobo!

What software do you use for your art?
I use Cinema 4D and ZBrush usually but I can use, 3D Max, Marvelous or Designer also.
Are you a professional artist?
Yeah, it is a difficult answer, because, I have 3D studies, yes, but I have learned most by myself. I practice everyday, since Monday to Sunday, 8 or 10 hours daily.
I watch tutorials in YouTube, or speed sculpts, speed paintings since 2011, I see this because I think that I need learn all time. I think that The best personal work it is coming.
in the actuality I don’t have a job, so I think that I’m not a professional. And it is an advantage, because I can confused and I don´t have to make everything perfect .
But as you know in this moment all people criticize everything, not is important if they know or not know they are talking, but they give their opinion. And it is not important, but is as noisier.
Do you have your own website?
I had a website, but it was expensive for me. it was a good experience for me. Because I wanted make a website where I could write about 3d, design and my personal/professional experience.
But this dream lasted a year. Because the people did not interact. And I think that it is because we have many social networks and it is the only way to communicate.
But it is frustrating, is difficult to make a site if you don’t make massive spam. And I don’t like make it.
Where are you based/nationality?
I’m from Spain. I was born in Oviedo, to north of Spain. And I am living in a village to Valencia.
What kind of artworks do you fancy to draw?

Wow, I don’t know, I improvise generally. But I know that I will like to paint as Jeff Scott Campbell since I am 12 years old. But I never know which is the next piece.
Yes I have any things in my mind. But many personal speed sculpts have finished in the paper bin. Because this character is not good, or this is not I wanted to make. And I destroy this characters.
I will like to make concept arts for Star Wars, or for Pixar films. I will like to work in video games. I want to make character modelling. I want animate. I want to learn to the best. I want to learn Maya software.
I want to make a personal short film. And I want to do a good channel for people who are interested in 3d.


Can you please explain a little about yourself, and where do you come from?
Yes, I was born in Oviedo, a little city of north to Spain. And I was a bad student and was a bad student who drew in the margins of the book.
When I was 17, I was accepted at the School of Art of Oviedo and my best friend too. And were the best two years of my life. Where I did not learn much, but I knew freedom.
In 2003-2004 i studied the first curse to psychology but it was not what I thought.
In 2004-2005 i studied sculpting in stone. And in September to 2005 I passed the entrance exam for graphic design. And it was that i wanted to make.
In 2005 I studied graphic design at the School of Graphic Design Asturias. I studied the three years and I was gone, but also they invited me leave. This was a problem for me because it was frustrating, but I overcome it over time.
So in 2008 I came to Castellon. Where I studied traditional and digital illustration. For two years and the third for the final project. Where I did a comic to 96 pages more or less, I don´t remember this.
In 2013 I entered the School of Animation Prime Frame (First Frame) where I had the opportunity to meet great teachers and peers. I also worked in the realization of animated short Katakroken.

I worked freelance for a great design company Tankalab. And the rest have been menial jobs, where what mattered was the speed and was cheap and not the quality. And that’s frustrating, because if you do something of poor quality, you cant  to show it to future clients.

Do you think it’s possible to describe the process of your art style, what are the does and don’t, the important aspects you set yourself to achieve your style of design?

Yes, my process is very simple. ZBrush is a drawing software, but in 3D. I use this software of this mode. Is like you have a white paper, but in this software you have a sphere. And is funny, I start to make the global volumes and I can see who is this character.
In the first video “Gareth Null” you can see it. I am making a head and has a moment he looks like Gareth Bale caricature. But i didn’t want make the Gareth portrait in that moment. I wanted to play, learn and experiment. And that is the essence, improvising.
And in the Electric Cupidon, Moon AroundClichef and Genie Veertien videos I use concept arts. In the three first my sketches. and In the Last a caricature made by Jean-Marc Borot. Is the evolution. When i started the last year I wanted revival my artistic side. I like to do things that make you think. I do not like to explain the meaning of what I do, because I like the free interpretation. And now I want to keep doing things and also own characters with other styles.

My style is the Gen 13 and Spawn comics, are the old cartoons: Dragon Ball, Lupin, Oliver and Benji or the X-Men that i remember. But now I love the Loish artwork, Jean-Marc Borot is incredible, Jeff Scott Campbell, Jim Lee, Patrick Brown or Pedro Pérez are great artists that inspire me.


For your Designs, do you start manually the sketches or do you start straight with the software?
Of course, this is so. You can start with a model o with a sphere and make a character. The software not is important. The important thing is to dare and experiment. Be willing to learn and enjoy.

Why this choice?
Because is easy. I want to say, is a clay software and you don’t have limits. Except with the RAM memory.

What is your current profession? 
Any. I don´t have income, I don´t have job and I think either projection. I want to work but I think it is very difficult to enter the world of 3D, at least in Spain. Or maybe I have not looked enough.

What products do you deliver? (Book cover, Magic the Gathering illustrations …)

The applications to 3D, illustration, or design are many.
But with my jobs I think that I can deliver. Book covers, yes, the characters makes can be concept arts for films, shorts or games. Illustrations to digital, as pc backgrounds, or print as posters, flyers or cards.

And my favourite, 3d print, you can make a figure (Toy) with the original archive. It is interesting.

What is your dream for the next five years?

Yeah, easy, in five years I will be 35 years old. An Old Man. And I will like to get a 3D work. I want to be modeller or sculptor. But I like animations.
Well, seriously I want start to work in the video games world. And in the future come back to films.
This year I will to make many demo reels. One to Animation, one other to Modelling, other to sculpture and one to 3D generalist. But I have a handicap,
I use Cinema 4D and this software not is used a lot in the industry. But I have hope.
What are your expectations from the design world?

None, because it seems that the world opts for generics. There are four companies that have their own style and the rest imitate them. No talents are sought. It seeks to turn everything into standard. Or that’s my opinion. Because as soon as you have different ideas or you do different things, you breaks with the established and it is never valued at present, only when you’re dead, then yes.
That’s how I see it. Everyone wants to look like the great companies which is not a bad thing. You have aspirations, but not copying, creating something new, making something different, have your references, have your tastes. It is simple. But it seems that many people do not understand it.
Maybe I’m wrong and how smart is to do all the same, but then I wonder, if we all do the same who stands out?

So I will follow making the things as I think. And I hope someone will appreciate.

Do you have any favourite artists, who may influence your art?
Yes Cyrille Dethan is an incredible sculptor. Paloma Alperi has a brutal style. Greyscale gorilla is a master. Luis Gómez Guzmán is awesome.
And my artistic referents are answered in the second question.
Any books/movies/video games that you fancy and get you inspired?
I have seen a lot of cine. I’ll put the best known
When I was a child I saw Indiana Jones, the Star wars Trilogy, Batman by Tim Burton, The Fifth Element and Jurassic park.
When I was teen; Se7en, The Fight Club, Matrix, Batman Trilogy, True Lies, Predator, The Corpse Bride and Edward scissorhands.
Prince of Persia, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Monkey Island 1, 2 and 3 and Wolfenstein 3D. They were my favourite games when I was a child. It was great.
In adolescence.
Broken Sword, Run Away, Tomb Raider saga and GTA saga.

I’ve never read many books. But I have red comics, for example: X-Men, Gen 13, Spawn, Dragon Ball, Danger Girl, or Batman and the Killing joke.




Name Victor Lobo
Age 31
Location Spain
Profession Hobbyist and Professional
Tools ZBrush and Cinema 4D.
Work nAimation, Modelling and sculpts
Favorite Artists Cyrille Dethan, Paloma Alperi, Greyscalegorilla and Luis Gómez Guzmán
Website Speed sculpts on YouTube and Facebook page



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