Here are some beautiful portraits made by Nanamichiii. Do you fancy the style?
Here we like!

Are you using Photoshop, if yes which version? If not,if you use any other illustration tool please let me know.
Yes, Photoshop CS6. I only use it for some effects, simple filters or touch-ups though. I mainly use Paint Tool SAI for my illustrations.

Are you a professional artist?
Definitely not, I think I am still a work in progress. _(:3

Do you have your own website?
Yes, these are the main ones:

Where are you based/nationality?
Philippines! I am proud to be a Filipino. :)What kind of artworks do you fancy to draw?
Maybe fantasy-like or kind of dark themed.

Cathy Deredere
Cathy Deredere



Can you please explain a little about yourself, and where do you come from?
Well, there really isn’t much to know about me but I guess I’m more of a punk style girl. I’m rather weird in many ways, my imaginations are just as weird as my concepts in arts. Hobbies are drawing, of course and voice acting.

I’m from the Philippines!

Do you think it’s possible to describe the process of your art style, what are the does and don’t, the important aspects you set yourself to achieve your style of design?
Hmm, well I just usually draw by doodling. Usually my sketches are my lineart, first I just sketch out a really rough anatomy of the character I want to draw then just doodle in the details. You don’t really need to stress yourself with the details etc. while you’re drawing, I usually just clean up or fix my mistakes after I finish the drawing. Also it’s always recommended to search for references and not just base from your imagination.

For your Designs, do you start manually the sketches or do you start straight with the software?
Straight with Digital.

Why this choice?
I guess I’m more used to Digital.

What is your current profession?

Karuta Chan
Karuta Chan
Maxine Caulfield
Maxine Caulfield

What products do you deliver? (Book cover, Magic the Gathering illustrations …)
I still haven’t thought of that yet. :’D

What is your dream for the next five years?
Maybe an Illustrator of a game? Or a Mangaka, or an Animator? I’ll just see what opportunities awaits me.

What are your expectations from the design world?
I don’t really expect anything? I just enjoy what I’m doing and accept all the good things I get from this path I chose.

Do you have any favourite artists, who may influence your art?
Yes, a lot. My main favorite artist is Miwashiba, the artist of the game 1bitheart.

Any books/movies/video games that you fancy and get you inspired?
Miwashiba’s and Mogeko’s games and Undertale.





Name Nannam
Age 19
Location Philippines
Profession Illustrator
Tools Photoshop CS6.
Work Fantasy-like or kind of dark themed
Favorite Artists




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